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Hoje não foi a yoga que me deixou desidratada mas sim este filme.
E chorei! E chorei!

E vocês?


Anonymous said...

pois é... filme possante, cruel..



fg said...

Muito bom, um dos melhores deste ano...e a banda sonora tb. Com aquela música IN the deep dos, ou da, Bird York...

∫nês said...

Sim, a música é extraordinária e sem ela não teria sido possível criar momentos tão intensos. 'As vezes lembrou-me Magnólia, outro filme excelente.

Patrick said...

Sorry...but this movie was one of the dumbest, most stupid movies I have seen the last years. Yes, I had very intense feelings, and they were pure anger about a movie where one of the main messages is: everyone is racist, but as long as you can blame personal frustration and you save the poor niggers' lives when they lie upside-down in a burning car, it's not so bad after all. And throughout the movie was this metaphysical crap of fate guiding the way of everyone and combined with this cheesy, kitschy, bombastic soundtrack, the movie was often unbaerable. Also the "Magnolia trick" of connecting all the characters seemed purely artificial.

∫nês said...

Well Patrick! I am sorry you feel like that. Yes, everybody is racist (being or not aware of it) and yes everybody has frustrations but the movie does not, by far, resolve these problems by "saving the nigger's", as you said (that's pretty racist of yourself, let me tell you).
It shows everybody has a good and a bad side, everybody has weaknesses and qualities and it shows that people might come to know themselves better as well as the others, being accidents just one of the many ways to do it, and that's what solves the problems (or at least opens the means towards a solution).This is how life is, like it or not. People are indeed connected and related to each other. Just think of how many times you've said "it's a small world" during the last months. I am sure you'll come to realize it weren't that few and that, after all, it's not as artificial as you want to make it sound.
You say that the movie made you feel anger. If I were you, I'd revise this assumption. The way you sound makes it look as if the movie is just an excuse to release you inner anger.